EverMat™ Sedum Roof System

Simple to install. Easy to look after. Lightweight. Sustainable. 

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    EverMat™ Sedum Blanket

    Our plant selection enables the best year-round performance with the least aftercare. Grown on a bio-degradable coir blanket. Allowing the plants to move around the roof with no unnatural barriers.

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    Extensive lightweight Substrate

    We've blended our own growing medium using only the very best lightest raw materials. Even our own well water. To make an ultralight, highly sustainable, free draining, substrate with food for the plants. Our medium provides our plants with vibrant and healthy growth all year round. 

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    TerraDrain™ LECA

    Natural, sustainable, lightweight, expanded clay pellets, often used for hydroponic growth due to their ability to retain water and provide good aeration to plant roots. Superb for plant growth and rooting structure. 

Naturally Superior

In an industry where plastic often dominates, we once found ourselves entangled in using up to 20 tons of it annually just for artificial drainage. But we questioned - was this necessary? Was there a more harmonious way to achieve our goals without such a heavy environmental footprint?

The answer was right in front of us: Nature.

Embracing nature's wisdom, we transformed our approach. The result? Not only have we eradicated those 20 tons of needless plastic each year, but we've also witnessed a remarkable improvement in plant performance and drainage efficiency.

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The Evermat green roof system has been tested for ignition, spread of flame and penetration. all with a result of 0.00 for all fields according to the British Standard BS 476 - PART 3 (2004) 

Nurtured by Nature's Elixir

Nestled within our land lies a treasure – our very own Natural Mineral Water, drawn from a pure limestone aquifer. It's a source so pristine that we not only use it to quench our thirst but also to nourish our plants.

By immersing Coir in this mineral-rich water for weeks on end, we naturally infuse it with a myriad of beneficial nutrients. This process ensures our growing medium is not just fertile but carries the essence of our unique landscape, providing plants with a taste of the same natural luxury we savor every day.

Cultivated Properly

A key factor to having a low maintenance Sedum Roof is starting with a blanket that's free from weeds and other unwanted varieties. There's no weeds in our specification! 

What is Evermat™ made of?

The world's hardest-wearing sedum blanket

See Our Sedum Blend

Sedum Roof Benefits

  • Become an Urban Carbon Farmer

    1m2 of a green roof can absorb 5kg of Co2 yearly. As a perspective, 1m2 of green roof can absorb the same quantity of Co2 as a regular car would emit during a 80km drive.

  • For the sake of the Bees

    Because of the quantity of flowers per square metre nothing attracts bees like our Sedum Blanket. Why not install your own natural bee hive on your roof?  

  • The Birds and the Rain

    Keeps the living space quieter. Sound proof your garden room and make it a much more tranquil place to relax.

  • We like this one

    Sedum capture airborne particles such as smog, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds from the atmosphere which has a positive effect on air quality and health of inhabitants. 

  • Save our Storm Drains

    Huge reduction in speed and water coming off the roof which leads to a decrease of the burden on our sewer systems. 

  • It protects not damages

    The Sedum blanket system protects your waterproofing layer making it last four to five times longer than the manufacturer specifies. 

22 years of expertise and innovation has led us to this moment

The Evermat Sedum Roof 

Green Roofs Direct blend just the right sedum and grow it in the right conditions so that it needs as little maintainance as possible.

Most of our EverMat™ roofs never require any maintainance, but if you want to keep it in pristine condition these are a few things you can do.

  • After installation

    Water your new sedum three times a week for the first three weeks.

  • During prolonged dry spells

    Water occasionally. Scattering some fertaliser on your roof can also help.

  • Weeding

    If you ever notice anything growing in the sedum that shouldn’t be there, just pluck it out.

Want to buy our Sedum without drainage or growing medium? Choose Sedum Only