The UK’s toughest, longest-lasting Green Roofs.

Grown slowly. Cut on demand. Shipped same day.

  • EverMat™ Core

    Domestic & Commercial

    Best for almost all homes and commercial applications.

  • EverMat™ Lightweight

    Garden Rooms & Pods

    Better for Garden Rooms, Pods and lighter structures.

  • EverMat™ Ultralight

    Very Light Structures

    Better for sheds, and very lightweight structures.

Want to buy our Sedum without drainage or growing medium? Choose Sedum Only

Home owners trust us.
Building professionals depend on us.

Our sedum matting is exclusively grown in Magheramourne, on the shores of the Irish sea. Weather-beaten from day one, it’s grown to endure the harshest weather conditions in the UK, ensuring an extra tough, long-life Green Roof that’s easy to install, and virtually maintenance free.

Our Story

Sun. Wind. Ice. Salt.

Our Sedum Blanket is sea-hardened for unparalleled performance.

EverMat™ is grown in the UK & Ireland’s toughest conditions, so it’s built to last.

Introducing Evermat™