Sea Hardened Sedum Blankets

Crafted for resilience and effortless upkeep, our unique sedum blend is sea-hardened to withstand the toughest conditions. Meticulously pre-mixed to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and low maintenance, we ensure your green roof thrives with minimal effort

Hespanicum. Flowers like no other plant. Bees go mad for it. Nice ground cover. Changes colour with every season. Excellent winter coverage.

Reflexum. Blue spruce clump former. Bullet proof strength. Incredibly slow growing but one of the most impressive flowers of any sedum.

Album Coral Carpet. One of the top three for toughness and the back bone of the blanket. It can flower through months of drought and maintain excellent winter colour and coverage. Attracts butterflies and ladybirds.

Album Athoum. A hardy variety that thrives in any condition, from extreme heat and drought, to cool temperatures.

Album Mini. A sturdy stonecrop that gives great ground coverage all year round.  

Sedum Vodoo. One of the rarest and hardest to propagate sedums there is. It brings stunning colour depth, so we give this one extra care and attention to help it thrive.

Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold. A clump forming shrub like plant with lovely flower depth of colour and variation on green coverage

Sedum Acre Aureurm. The ant of the sedum world. Tiny needle like ground cover foliage but as hard to stress as the much larger plants. Does not lose its colour no matter what the conditions.

Sedum Summer Glory. Gorgeous broad leaf. Shrub like Sedum. Slow grower and adds depth of leaf size and texture.

It's a carefully measured mix of these plants that sets our sea hardened EverMat™ blanket apart. 

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