A Unique Growing Location

Co Antrim. North Coast of Ireland. The perfect climate for growing the hardiest Sedum Blankets.

The Sedum

We’re a small team who love what we do and are growers at heart – it’s this focus on the growing and planting process combined with 5 decades of experience that means we produce the best Sedum Blanket in the UK and Ireland.  

Our Location

The nursery where our Sedum is grown is situated in a Special Protection Area, which also has Ramsar
Site Designation and is an Area of Special Scientific Interest. Growing in such a fantastic location also
carries huge environmental responsibilities.

Gaining Carbon Neutral Status was something we felt very strongly about.
Our business was built on very low carbon foundations, so the process was one of pleasure as opposed
to pressure.

The Varieties

With over 50 years of horticultural experience, we know the strongest and hardiest Sedum varieties that are most suitable for life on a roof.  We blend these together to create a mat that is strong and long lasting and low maintenance.

Want to buy our Sedum without drainage or growing medium? Choose Sedum Only