A unique growing location

We blend the untamed vigor of the coast with unmatched eco-friendly practices. Experience a green roof system that isn't just green in color but in essence.

Seeds Sown in 1975

Larne Lough Nurseries blossomed from passion. Beginning as a commitment to quality, what was once a hobby transformed into a renowned Tree and Shrub Nursery.

Before digital, word-of-mouth powered by the hum of a fax machine, broadcasted our dedication far and wide.

By the 1980s, our greens graced all of Ireland. And as the 90s dawned, our plants found new homes in Scotland and England.

Journey with us, from a child's dream to landscapes transformed.

Branching Upward: The Shift to Skylines

In 2005, amidst the vivid blooms of the Aldingbourne Flower Show, Maureen and John stumbled upon a green roof panel. From that moment, the horizon expanded, and our passion took on new heights—literally. A fresh chapter began, and the skyline would never look the same again.

Rooted in Tradition, Reaching for Tomorrow

Our foundational belief in the timeless appeal of high-quality plants continues to drive us forward. This joy of cultivation, honed over generations, now runs deep in our DNA. With immense pride and affection, we continue to share our expertise and passion, ensuring that every customer becomes a cherished part of our ever-growing story.

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