Three generations of horticultural experience, with innovation at heart.

For over five decades, our family has used hard work, research and the latest technology to grow horticultural products we can all be truly proud of. We’re proud to offer both world-class Sedum Blanket Systems, and old fashioned customer service.

Our Expertise

Green Roofs Direct is a family business with decades of horticultural experience. Situated off the coast of the Irish Sea, we partner with nature to create horticultural products that stand the test of time.

As experts in growing hard-wearing sedum across the UK and Ireland, our work has been featured far and wide, including Channel 4's Grand Designs.

But delivering the UK and Ireland's highest quality sedum product is only part of what we do. With a deep knowledge of the needs of architects and builders, we can also help advise on more technical installation challenges, and long-term maintenance of green roofs where access is challenging.

Our Location

It’s taken years to develop our Sedum blend to get it just right, but do you want to know a secret? Location is the single biggest factor in the quality of our product.

We don’t shelter our sedum. It’s never grown indoors — not even for a day. Instead, it’s exposed to the elements from day one until the day you order it.

Grown on the edge of the Irish Sea, it’s exposed to fresh sea air, harsh winds, bleak winters, scorching sun, torrential rain, frost, and hot and dry spells.

Working for Green Roofs Direct is not for the indoors type. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Environment

We make our own seaweed fetiliser with kelp grown in the lough near our fields. We water our sedum with mineral water from our own well, dawing water from the limestone aquifer under the feilds the sedum grows on.

The sedum itself has many environmental benifits including increasing biodiversity, particularly in urban areas. Bees friking love it.

We all have a rare opportunity to make a real difference; green roofs have an array of environmental benefits such as absorbing rain water, capturing pollutants and atmospheric deposits and providing a natural habitat for local wildlife. All of these factors promote sustainability and environmental friendliness, protecting the earth for future generations.

  • EverMat™ Core

    Domestic & Commercial

    Best for almost all homes and commercial applications.

  • EverMat™ Lightweight

    Garden Rooms & Pods

    Better for Garden Rooms, Pods and lighter structures.

  • EverMat™ Ultralight

    Very Light Structures

    Better for sheds, and very lightweight structures.

Want to buy our Sedum without drainage or growing medium? Choose Sedum Only