Where we grow

We come from a small harbour town called Larne. It's a quiet sleepy place but one of the earliest inhabited regions in Ireland. Its known that a Roman Galley visited Larne Lough in AD 205 and there was a settlement at the time. Also Saint Patrick, credited with establishing Christianity in Ireland was sold as a slave in a Larne Market and later returned to the town on his way back to Britain from Slemish. Not much has changed since then. Now the main highlight, thankfully, is a port where we take our Sedums to every evening. 

From the Beginning

In 1975 John and Maureen Hanvey decided to go into business together. It was either a Chip Van or a Wholesale Tree and Shrub Nursery. Based on the unwavering belief that there would always be a market for high quality plants they turned a hobby into a business and began large scale propagation of plants.  Word spread (by fax machine) By the 1980s they were shipping plants all over Ireland and by the 90s into Scotland and England.  


In 2005 during a visit to the Aldingbourne Flower Show Maureen discovered a green roof panel and man that was all she wrote. 

Where we are now

The 1975 ethic of there will always be a market for high quality plants is still the driving force. The joy of growing plants has now passed down through generations and we take great love and pride from sharing our knowledge and what we do with our customers. We're a very fortunate family

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