An install of our sedum thriving next to the coast

The World's Only Coastally Grown Sea-Hardened Sedum

At Green Roofs Direct, we're on a mission to redefine the landscape of green roofing through the pioneering use of sea-hardened sedum. As the world's exclusive growers of this remarkable coastal sedum, we've embraced the challenge of creating a green roofing system that stands not only as a testament to sustainability but also to the resilience and beauty of nature itself. 

Our journey is one of passion for innovation, a commitment to ethical practices, and a deep-seated belief in environmental stewardship. Here's a closer look at our unique approach and the benefits our sea-hardened sedum brings.

Our Coastally Grown Sedum: Our Journey to Resilience and Sustainability

In our quest to offer the most durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly green roofing solutions, we turned to coastlines. Here, we found that sedum thrives in the face of adversity—salt-laden winds, intense sunlight, and the constant ebb and flow of the tides. By harnessing these naturally resilient qualities, we cultivate a variety of sedum uniquely adapted for green roofing applications. This process imbues our plants with unparalleled robustness, making our green roofs a paragon of sustainability and endurance.

The Unmistakable Benefits of Our Sea-Hardened Sedum

Distinct Durability - Our coastal sedum's natural resilience to harsh conditions translates directly to the longevity and durability of our green roofs. This means less maintenance, fewer replacements, and more sustainable buildings.

Low Effort Maintenance - Adapted to thrive with minimal intervention, our sea-hardened sedum ensures that maintaining a green roof is no longer a daunting task. This ease of care makes our green roofs an attractive option for all, from small residential projects to large commercial ventures.

A Beacon for Biodiversity - By introducing our unique sedum to urban rooftops, we create lush habitats that support local wildlife, including pollinators and birds. This commitment to biodiversity not only enhances the ecological value of urban areas but also contributes to the well-being of our communities.

Mitigating Urban Heat Islands - Our green roofs play a critical role in cooling urban environments, combating the urban heat island effect. The natural properties of our sedum also improve stormwater management, reducing runoff and relieving pressure on city infrastructure.

Enhancing Urban Aesthetics - Beyond their environmental and practical benefits, our sea-hardened sedum roofs add a layer of natural beauty to the urban landscape, transforming buildings into vibrant, living entities that inspire and uplift.

Our Journey to This Point

At Green Roofs Direct, we offer a comprehensive range of green roofing systems, including the EverMat Shed for charming garden roofs, the EverMat Garden Room for residential extensions, and the robust EverMat Core for commercial applications. Our products are a reflection of our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

From our coastal sedum fields to your rooftop, every step in our process is guided by a commitment to environmental responsibility and the pursuit of innovation. At Green Roofs Direct, we're not just growing plants; we're cultivating a greener, more sustainable future for our planet. We invite you to join us in this vital endeavor, one green roof at a time. Together, we can transform the skyline into a testament to our collective commitment to a healthier, more resilient world.

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