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Choosing Your Perfect Green Roof: An EverMat Systems Overview

Green Roofs Direct proudly offers a range of EverMat systems, each designed with specific applications and requirements in mind. Our unique sea-hardened sedum varieties are at the heart of these systems, ensuring resilience, beauty, and environmental benefits across a variety of green roof projects. 

Each of our green roofs is individual with a unique sedum mix, offering diverse colours and textures. For technical advice tailored to select the ideal system for your roof's needs, we're here to help.

If you are debating which system is best for your roof, here is your guide highlighting each system's distinct features and ideal usages to help you choose the perfect solution for your green roofing needs.

EverMat Shed System

Designed for small garden roofs, such as those on sheds, bin stores, or other small outbuildings.

Key Features:
- Weight: Approximately 35kg per square metre, making it suitable for structures with limited load-bearing capacity.
- Thickness: Optimized for shallow root growth, ensuring quick establishment and ease of care.
- Price: £38 per square metre (ex VAT), offering an affordable entry point into green roofing.

Ideal Usage -
The EverMat Shed system is perfect for homeowners looking to add a touch of green to their garden structures without the need for significant structural reinforcement. It's an excellent choice for enhancing biodiversity and aesthetics in small spaces.

EverMat Garden Room System

Designed for garden rooms, residential extensions, and larger outbuildings that can support a bit more weight.

Key Features:
- Weight: 50kg per square metre, providing a balance between structural feasibility and enhanced ecological benefits.
- Thickness: Slightly thicker than the Shed system to accommodate a wider variety of plant species and increase water retention.
- Price: £43 per square metre (ex VAT), reflecting its enhanced capabilities and benefits.

Ideal Usage -
The EverMat Garden Room system is tailored for those looking to green up their garden rooms or home extensions. It not only adds insulation and reduces rain noise but also creates a visually appealing and ecologically rich rooftop environment.

EverMat Core System

Designed for domestic and commercial roofs with a focus on maximum durability, sustainability, and load-bearing capacity.

Key Features:
- Weight: 70kg per square metre, suitable for structures designed to support heavier loads.
- Thickness: This system provides the most substantial growing medium, supporting a diverse plant life and ensuring optimal performance in water retention and insulation.
- Price: £52 per square metre (ex VAT), an investment in the highest quality and performance for long-term benefits.

Ideal Usage -
The EverMat Core system is the premier choice for both residential and commercial projects that aim for the pinnacle of green roofing. Its robust construction makes it ideal for larger buildings seeking to maximize environmental impact, thermal insulation, and building protection.

Additional Considerations

Metal Trim and Pebble Border:
For all systems, we offer metal trim at £16.50 (ex VAT) per linear metre and pebble border at £6.80 (ex VAT) per linear metre to enhance edge detailing and water runoff management, ensuring a neat finish and functional design.

Lead Time and Delivery:
With a lead time of just 10 days, all orders come with AM delivery and tracking details, providing convenience and peace of mind from order to installation.

By choosing the appropriate system, you're not just installing a green roof; you're investing in sustainability, enhancing biodiversity, and improving the aesthetic and functional value of your building. Green Roofs Direct is here to guide you through selecting and installing the perfect green roofing system for your project.

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