We're famous! ... not really

We were honoured to be asked to provide the green roof for a Channel 4 Grand Designs project.. Our client wanted something that would blend into the natural landscape. We designed and created a bespoke green roof filled with native wildflowers and grasses. 

More recently, to celebrate 20 years of the programme, McCloud revealed his top five builds from the show in a commemorative episode, Kevin's Grandest Design, which aired in November 2019.

McCloud revealed that if he was pushed to choose, a property in Magherafelt which first featured on the programme in 2014 was "probably my favourite".

And we agree. Here it is

I love the way that rusty orange frame just separates the wildflower from the field beyond. No sense of containment; just connection. - Kevin McCloud

This project was very much about the connection between the building and the landscape. And what a result!

To watch the full video, follow the link below


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