Types of Sedum

Our Sedum has been grown on the shores of the Irish Sea, in a special protection area for over 30 years. With the harsh environment that comes with being situated here, our sedum creates the strongest, most sea-hardened living roofs available on the market. Fertilised with locally gathered seaweed extract and irrigated with our very own spring water directly from a lime stone aquaphur, our sedum roofs are carbon neutrally grown.

Green Roofs Direct can supply everything that is needed to build a green or living roof and we offer full support on your sedum green roof installation and maintenance. We supply green roofs for sheds and smaller holdings as well as main buildings and garages. We deliver anywhere in the UK and Ireland and our sedum blankets are only cut once we receive an order ensuring we can hand select and cut our sedum exactly to your requirements.

Our sedum roof blanket contains a mixture of all the varieties listed below. They are hand selected because of their hardiness and colour to give you a beautiful sedum green roof.

We are the leading sedum green roof growers and suppliers. Contact us today to find out more about our sedum roofs and our services