Everything you need to know about Green Roofs

Everything you need to know about Green Roofs

For us the quality of the sedum/vegetation is always forefront in our thoughts. Growing conditions on a roof are extremely hostile and we are in a very fortunate position, in that we are able to grow our sedum in very similar conditions to that of a roof. This is what makes us different. We operate on a Sustainable, Carbon Neutral basis. We are Member of Friends of the Earth and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We work in partnership with a nationwide logistics company just 4 miles from our nursery.


We have a dedicated team of Green Roof installers who really care about you, the client and also giving the vegetation that has been grown with such care and attention to detail, the best possible start in its new home, (large or small).   

We have the added benefit of horticultural experience which is crucial at this stage. Our team is qualified in all areas of Green Roof Installation.

Please contact us with any questions.

3 Ways to achieve your green roof

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Sedum Blanket Roof

Sedum Blanket Roof
Drainage layer, 50mm substrate, pre-grown sedum blanket.

This is the quickest and easiest way to achieve your green – all you have to do is roll it out. Just think of it as a living carpet. It is supplied in a 1m x 1.5m roll. 

Honey bees, ladybirds and butterflies all love Sedum. Because we have 100’s of Sedum plants per square meter, even with a small Sedum roof, you have the equivalent to acres worth of Sedum plants creating a mini eco-system for loads of our little friends who struggle for this in urban environments. Our Sedum blanket is grown to the highest standard possible. Our Sedum blankets are watered with mineral water from our very own well, and are organically fertilized with sea-weed, this promotes a really healthy root system.  

We have the perfect mixture of Sedum species in our blanket.  

Jumbo Plug Roof

Jumbo Plug Roof
Sedum, Drainage layer, 80mm Substrate, Plug Plants

Jumbo plugs are a great, more cost effective option for a green roof. It takes 18-24 months for the jumbo plugs to knit together and form a Sedum roof. We have devised this more mature plug for use on your green roof. They will establish much quicker than standard sedum plugs. This is important. We supply you with 24 jumbo plugs for you to plant every square meter. This make form a wonderful green blanket within 12-24 months. These are pre-loved plants and we hope that you enjoy planting them, watering them, looking at them, photographing them, telling your friends about them. Most of all you will enjoy seeing the ecological benefit that creating your very own mini eco system, giving news homes and providing much needed food for our pollinating insects. We will enclose a detailed work sheet with installation directions.

Please contact us directly for a tailored jumbo plug roof to your exact specification.

Biodiversity Roof

Biodiversity Roof
Drainage Layer 80mm Substrate, Biodiversity items

Biodiversity Roofs provide a wonderful habitat for birds, pollination insects such as honey bees, butterflies, hoover flies, ladybirds and bumblebees. You will be creating their very own eco-system. Many of our vital pollinating insects are facing a difficult future. By choosing the correct plants, materials and substrate you have the ability to achieve something very special.

We will provide you with FREE Easy to Install Advice Sheet for your Biodiversity Roof.

Terms explained

The Three Layers of Green Roofs Explained.

Our Drainage Layer (With Root Expansion Zones)

The root system is the work force of the plant. Its where vital food and water is absorbed. Its crucial to make sure the root system is as healthy and strong as possible. Our layer is designed to give the plant roots extra room to breathe, expand and absorb more water. This will maintain healthy foliage and avoid the dark red shading of stressed Sedum. 

  • 30mm layer to filter out water 
  • Creates a skeleton for root structure to travel through 
  • A strong expansive root system is crucial for plant strength 

Our Substrate (Growing Medium)

Blended locally and tested at Sheffield University to the German FLL Standard. Green roof plants need to grow in a lightweight medium that is porous, that holds oxygen and water and retains nutrients. It must provide stability for the plants’ root systems. These can be difficult and opposing goals to achieve and must be in balance. Good substrate is the key to success for a Green Roof. 

Our Vegetation Layer (The Plants)

Our careful plant selection is essential to the success of the green roof. They are long lived and had have the ability to self-propagate. Our plants are irrigated with mineral water from our bore-hole and are naturally fertilized with sea-weed extract. This promotes a really healthy root system.

Maintenance contract / Our promise

A Maintenance Contract is very important to ensure the longevity of your roof. Please speak to us in person and we can develop a maintenance contract to suit your roof.


If you have any queries that we havent awnsered here please get in touch.

Can I install my green roof myself?

Yes you can depending on the size of job. We offer specially tailored DIY packs with instructions for your installation.

Can I put a green roof on an existing building?

Yes you can. The building must first be checked, to ensure that it is strong enough to carry your green roof. Waterproofing must be in good condition.

Can I have a green roof on my sloped roof?

Yes. There are many different ways to set up growing media and drainage supports to keep the green roof from moving. In terms of cost however the price will increase with the steepness of the slope. However we do love a challenge.

Can I grow food on my roof?

Yes. You can grow hearty drought tolerant herbs like rosemary, thyme, and chives on a green roof very successfully.

Can I use potting soil or any soil from the ground on a green roof?

NO! This is recipe for disaster. Substrate is used not because it sounds cool or is an accessory designed by manufacturers. Substrate is specially mixed and selected lightweight materials composed mainly of mineral components with very little organic matter that has been sterilized. This allows for proper water retention and drainage which is key for a green roof's success.

Is there any maintenance involved in a green roof?

Yes but only a small amount, we will provide you with a Free Maintenance Programme, giving you advice and easy to follow steps. It’s easy to create your own prize winning roof.

Do I need to water my green roof?

During the first year, regardless of plants or system used, it is recommended that you water to aid establishment. In general, for a green roof to be "green” in terms of being ecologically friendly it shouldn't need to be watered after the first year. Irrigation wastes water and energy, both are what the green roof should be conserving.

How long will my roof last with a green roof?

A properly installed and maintained green roof should extend the life of the roof 4 - 5 times its normal life. 30 to 50 years is not an unusual lifespan for green roofs in Europe.

Will my Green roof be waterproof?

Your roof should be waterproofed prior to installing your green roof.