Green roofs – they’re good for the environment and good for you

This month (as well as all things Christmas) we’re talking about how the
environment affects us – something very important to us at Green Roofs Direct.

Asking ourselves how aware we all are of the natural environment, and if
we’re making choices that benefit the earth, rather than hurt it. When chatting
with customers about the importance of increasing nature in our areas, we’re
trying to get the simple yet vital message across that what’s good for the
earth, is good for us. Did you know that roofs alone typically make up 15 to 25
percent of most cities’ surface areas? This provides fantastic opportunities for
homeowners and developers to improve their own environments through
green roofing. Blanketing your roof with greenery can dramatically increase
biodiversity in your area by attracting wildlife and beneficial insects. When
you consider recent reports that found more than 40% of insect species are in
decline, and a third are now endangered you start to realise the massive
environmental difference you can make as a homeowner, simply by fitting a
green roof.

We are starting to learn more about the critical link between spending time in
nature filled spaces and how this impacts our mental and emotional wellbeing.

A long-term 2014 study from University of Exeter found that, on average, the
people in the study who spent time in greener areas experienced an
immediate improvement in mental health and less mental distress. The boost
in mental health was also long-lasting, maintaining its effects even three years
post-move. This is just one example of a surplus of studies evidencing how
being around nature boosts our health and wellbeing.

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