Attracting pollinators with your green roof

We know that our UK pollinators are in steep decline – especially our bees and butterflies.  Of the 26 bumblebee species recorded 80 years ago, 2 are no longer present and another 6 are now found in much smaller areas of the countryside.  The number of bee species has fallen mainly due to the lack of natural and flower rich habitats available to them.  Simply put, if we all added more plants to our environments the bee population would benefit dramatically. 

In addition, most butterflies associated with semi-natural flower rich habitats have shown clear decline since 1970's.  It’s no secret that since then homes have been getting bigger while gardens have become smaller.  Some other pressures facing pollinators includes overuse of pesticides and extreme weather resulting form climate change. 

The positive news is that by adding a sedum blanket system to your roof, you’re providing the all-important natural habitat for bees and butterflies to visit.  These spaces are crucial to supporting pollinators by providing good sources of nectar and pollen throughout the summer months, and also shelter areas. 

  • EverMat™ Core

    Domestic & Commercial

    Best for almost all homes and commercial applications.

  • EverMat™ Garden Room

    For larger, flatter roofs

    System with drainage and production layer.

  • EverMat™ Shed

    For smaller roofs

    System with roof basic protection layer

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